Terrassa Rocket Team was born as a student initiative whose aim was to acquire further knowledge in rocketry engineering, teamwork skills and project management abilities.
This rocketry group is constituted by students from “Escola Tecncia i Superior dʼEnginyeria Industrial i Aeronáutica de Terrassa”. Being a part of this team allows them to put into practice what has been previously learned not only during university lectures, but also through their own research.
Working on the block engine design.

After having developed some little model rockets and all the necessary equipments to launch them, our next objective was to take part in an international competition, AllYouCanFly 2010, in the category called Battle of Rockets. Its goal was to reach the maximum height and the maximum speed. Designing and building a supersonic rocket was an ambitious challenge. However, thanks to the engagement and hard work done by the team, Blue Thunder, as we named our lightweight supersonic rocket, obtained the Gold Award.
Supersonic Rocket: Blue Thunder